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critiques PLAESEEEE111!!!11 by GhostfaceNikol

Okay, I've seen 8-year-olds draw better than this. I mean, WHY is it uploaded here?! And you have the BALLS to ask for CRITIQUE?!! If t...

Claiming the Throne Page 5 by Ikechi1
by Ikechi1

Vision - I think this is a good story, and I think the faces of the juvenile/adolescent tyrannosaurs pack in the first and last panel p...

Prince Artemis - Prince of the Night by Jamey4
by Jamey4

It looks almost perfect, especially with that mist effect you added. You COULD have brought out the colour in his mane and tail a bit m...


My dad keeps telling me off for having the lights on when I am using my computer or playing on my PS3. But I do this for a reason:

I get eye-strain when I look at a screen when there isn't ample background lighting. Although my dad tells me that cinemas have all the lights turned off when they project a movie, the difference between a movie projector and a lit monitor/TV screen is too great as a projector doesn't provide enough light to effectively display what's on-screen if there are other lights on in the same area. TV Screens and monitors don't have this problem as they are lit brightly enough to view, even when the lights are on. I don't know about dad, but I would greatly prefer retaining decent vision even if it meant higher electricity bills, rather than skimping on electricity costs if it meant deficiency in my eyes, repeated eye tests and shelling out for new glasses.


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United Kingdom
I primarily role-play on this website and as such, all my main deviations will usually be character bios and Role-play scenarios.

:bulletred: I do not do journal-tags
:bulletred: I do not do chain comments
:bulletred: I do not do commishes, point commishes or Kiribans.
:bulletyellow: I occasionally do gifts, usually depending on inspiration from my role-plays or other user's MLP comics.
:bulletyellow: I do photography for a personal thing that I do on the side using toys, Primarily scale model cars (rallying in particular). My camera, depending on what I have on me and what charge is on my devices are only a Nokia Lumia 625 and a Nintendo 3DS XL, so not really professional equipment (although I am surprised at how high-quality the photos are on the Lumia when focused properly).

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Hi, just watched a program on TV called Car History. They talked about the Mini and said that the rally Mini from Monte Carlo had 100hp.
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I checked a Horsepower to Break-horspeower calculator and 100HP is about 98BHP. Fortunately this is quite achievable and got that number through an oil change, engine upgrade 1 and a racing exhaust.
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We did but in the end we brang her with us and she's settled in fine! I'm obsessed with Dynasty warriors and Sengoku Basara right now :3
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Never played either of those games. Hell, my nintendo 3DS' top screen is broken. No cracks, but a flickering screen that sometimes doesn't show an image at all! Nintendo don't make handhelds like they used to, it seems. Most of the drops my 3DS have suffered have been at around waist height, and aside from some minor damage to the shell and shoulder buttons it hasn't shown problems until now.
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